If your chair has a straight bar on the rear of the backrest with a diameter 19-22mm our standard bracket will fit your chair. If you have an oval backrest bar such as a Quickie Q7 or a Ti-Lite with a curved backbar your bag will come with a carbon fibre adapter to fit to your chair.

At checkout you can select the most popular brands of chair we support.  If you can select your model of chair you can be confident the Unstoppable gear bag will fit.

Even if you chair model is not listed it is very likely it will be compatible.  You can easily  confirm compatibility by downloading our measuring tool to check the diameter of your backrest bar.

Download in PDF format by using the following link –

Compatibility Measure Tool.

Instructions on use of Measuring Tool

  1. Download and print the measure tool PDF
  2. Using scissors carefully cut out the entire yellow area.
  3. Fold along the dotted line down the middle of the measure tool.

Using scissors carefully cut along the length of the red line indicated by the scissor icon creating a slot where the red line was – Do not cut beyond the red line.

With the printed side facing upwards wrap the measuring tool around the backrest bar feeding the pointed end through the slot.

With a pen mark the point on the measure tool indicated by the arrow. This number is the circumference of your backrest bar.

Standard Adjustable Bracket

We offer an adjustable connector bracket that will fit many wheelchair brands and allows you to adjust how tightly wheelchair luggage will connect to your chair.

To use a standard adjustable bracket you will need the following:

  1. Measurement is within the red shaded area of the measurement tool
  2. The length of straight backrest bar is at least 15 cm. Use the measurement tool to check the straight length of your backrest bar covers the distance from 0 -15 .
  3. Your backrest bar is of a round tubular construction not oval.
  4. Your backrest bar is straight not curved.
  5. You have at least 25mm (two fingers width) between the inside of your bar and your backrest.

If your chair does not meet the requirements outlined above for a standard adjustable connector bracket we may be able to make you a custom bracket to fit your chair, contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom Brackets

In some situations we can offer custom built brackets at an extra cost. However, where possible try and use Unstoppable with a straight, round tube backrest bar. Some wheelchair manufacturers offer a choice of curved or straight backrest bars. If possible change your backrest frame to one with a straight, round tube backrest bar. Ti-Lite offer a choice of straight or curved backrest bars you may be able to change your backrest frame to maximise performance of the Unstoppable twin set.

For Helium Pro/Q7 with an oval bar your Sunrise Medical dealer may be able to change your backrest frame to one with a straight, round tube bar.

Custom brackets do cost more but may be suitable for the following situations:

Straight, round tube backrest bars with diameter outside the ‘Standard Adjustable’ area on the measuring tool.

Aftermarket backrests such as a Jay Back often leave very little room between the backrest and the backrest bar. We may be able to make you a slim line bracket that will fit the available space.

If you have a curved backrest bar and can’t change it for a straight one contact us to discuss if a custom bracket.

Compatibility for folding and electric wheelchairs:

To connect the Unstoppable gear bag to your wheelchair the chair must have a horizontal bar fitted to the rear. It may be possible for you to have a bar retro fitted to your power chair, or a removable bar to your folding chair. We can give you guidance on what is needed but we can’t carry out the work on your chair.