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Phoenix i Hybrid Wheelchair
Phoenix i Hybrid Wheelchair

Phoenix i Hybrid Wheelchair

The Phoenix i brings completely new levels of mobility to the active wheelchair user. Featuring our revolutionary, permanent, front wheel power assist, discreetly integrated into a stunning carbon fibre frame.

Unparalleled, control and agility in small, indoor spaces to all weather off roading, the i brings what you need in under 7kgs transfer weight.

Carpet, hills, gravel, grass, snow are all easily overcome. Travel forward, backward, turn 360°, coast hands free with an ease no conventional wheelchair can match.

Never again grip slippery hands rims to slow your wheelchair on hills – the i features all weather electronic braking.

The feeling gained from a new ease of getting around after long term use of a conventional wheelchair is joyous. Liberate yourself from tired technology with a Phoenix i

Phoenix Instinct founder and wheelchair
user Andrew Slorance demonstrates the Phoenix i Hybrid Wheelchair.

Phoenix i Introduction

Car Transfer with Phoenix i

Front Wheel Power Assist Explained

Use on Challenging Ground


  • Electronic braking for downhill and quick stopping.
  • Full time power assist with multiple power levels for indoor and outdoor use
  • Powered steering and agility
  • Reduce manual pushing by 80% preserving joints and energy.
  • 4×4 Capability for easy access over grass, carpet, gravel, snow
  • High torque for uphill
  • Never run out of power with quick release, interchangeable batteries.
  • Carbon/Kevlar, flexible, supportive backrest.
  • Shock absorbing caster forks.
  • Single piece carbon fibre construction.
  • Solid carbon fibre seat.
  • Carbon fibre anti vibration footrest with rubber dampers.
  • Easy grip, rotate and press control dial.
  • Low maintenance with plug and play spares.
  • Hard wired control – No Bluetooth
  • 6.5kg transfer weight
  • 2 x 150W motors easily overcome stone chips and other obstacles

Phoenix i features

More you less wheelchair


The Carbon fibre/Kevlar backrest is engineered for flexibility to move with your body while retaining supportive rigidity. The minimal, hugging shape shows more you, less wheelchair.



Choose as many batteries as you need for your lifestyle. The i can carry three batteries onboard with a combined range of up to 20 miles. You never need to run out of power, simply swap out a flat battery for a charged one.



The centre of the Phoenix i control system is the control interface. Rotate forward for faster speed and higher torque. Rotate backwards for slower speed and braking. Press to select different modes and functions.

Easy Transfers


With a quick release battery and fold flat backrest and side guards the i is neat and compact with a transfer weight of only 6.5kg.
Bag mounts attached to the backrest serve to hang your back pack.

Vibration Absorbing


2x 150w electric motors, plug and play replaceable at home. Mounted on shock absorbing forks for maximum grip and a quiet, smooth ride.



The control interface, front wheels and central control unit are all plug and play replaceable at home. A full plug and play replacement set is available when ordering.

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Carbon fibres run continuously throughout the frame avoiding stress concentrations commonly found in other carbon wheelchairs.

The Phoenix i is not hollow like other wheelchairs. Internally we use a solid core material to enhance rigidity, sound dampening and importantly impact absorption. The core material combined with Carbon Fibre and Kevlar means you can trust your i in every scenario.

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Interested in your own Phoenix i?

Phoenix wheelchairs are hand crafted by us in Scotland, availability is limited. We operate a first come first served policy. The sooner the order is received the higher in the build schedule you will be.

The Phoenix i is independently tested and certified to the CE mark conforming to EN12183/EN12184. The i may be sold and shipped within the EU and UK. Customers in the US, AUS and CAN may import the wheelchair direct from Phoenix Instinct for personal use.

To start the ordering process, get pricing or if you have any questions at all about the Phoenix i Hybrid complete the contact form and we will be in touch!

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