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Which Phoenix Bag to choose?

Twinset and Compact bags are all-in-one roller bags fitted with omni-wheels and a built-in wheelchair connecting bracket. All-in-one bags a premium quality with multiple pockets and can be used in combination with each other or separately. All-in-one bags are ideal where travel is the main intended use. For multi-purpose use Phoenix System bags offer a versatile range of bag designs, colours and sizes custom made in Scotland to fit to our very useful wheelchair compatible trolley not sold separately. Phoenix System bags are a lightweight and easy to store carrying solution for every need.

Phoenix System

One trolley, multiple bags. Phoenix System gives you a bag for shopping and daily tasks, a cabin bag, a large bag, an extra large bag and a rucksack all utilising one Phoenix trolley. Made from high quality, lightweight padded material and available in five different colour combinations. System bags can attach to each other for even more capacity. Only Phoenix System bags will fit the Phoenix trolley and offer robust protection to the trolley when travelling.

Full details – Download the Phoenix System User Guide

All-In-One Twinset

Twinset – The original and highly popular Twinset is an all-in-one premium quality roller bag with multiple pockets supplied with a connecting backpack so you can transport your hold and hand luggage together. The twinset and its backpack can be used in combination with the Phoenix Compact cabin bag. All-in-one bags are not compatible with the Phoenix System trolley.

Full details – Download the Twinset User Guide

All-In-One Compact

The Compact is an all-in-one premium quality cabin sized roller bag ideal for a couple of nights away. Multiple pockets and points of access mean you can reach your stuff while connected to the chair. Supplied with our carbon fibre universal adapter for compatibility with virtually every manual wheelchair. The Compact can be used in combination with the Twinset and its backpack. All-in-one bags are not compatible with the Phoenix System trolley.


We offer a range of spares and adapters so your Phoenix bag can be repaired and updated if you change your wheelchair. We recommend protecting your Phoenix bag from UV and rain with a protective spray.


We believe the HIIT UBE is a game changer in cardio and muscle building exercise for wheelchair users. Offering unrivalled upper body work outs with great roll on roll off ease of use. Few workouts will challenge you more than those on the Upper Body Ergometer. The HIIT UBE lets you tailor the workout with the right range of motion for your shoulders, back, wrists, and elbows.

Only available in the United Kingdom.

Quote: Andrew Slorance founder Phoenix Instinct

It can be difficult to burn enough calories pushing a wheelchair to stay in shape and get a good cardio workout. I’ve found the HIIT UBE is a great way to build strength and stamina from your own home making pushing and transfers easier – I think It’s brilliant!

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