Phoenix Instinct

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Unstoppable travel bags are designed to work seamlessly with wheelchairs for easy, independent travel. Never again struggle or rely on others moving your bags. Our twin set consists of two bags, a large check-in bag and a connecting hand luggage back pack. The twin set has a total capacity of 118L

Most brands of light weight wheelchair are supported inc Quickie, Kuschall, Panthera, Tilite, Oracing, Lasher and other lightweight rigid wheelchairs.

Many hundreds of wheelchair users around the World are enjoying travel without the stress of how to move their bags while pushing a wheelchair. Phoenix travel bags will soon include a cabin size version of this awesome innovation.

Phoenix Instinct
We call it 'Phoenix Instinct' the relentless inner strength that drives us to never succumb to adversity. Phoenix travel bags are going down a storm with wheelchair users all over the World. This great innovation gives easy independence moving heavy bags. No more reliance on others, GO YOUR OWN WAY.
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A Phoenix travel nag is the only luggage system purpose designed for wheelchair use. See here how easy it is to move, the bag simply follows what you do.

Phoenix Instinct
Removing one of the key obstacles to independent travel (how to move your bags easily while pushing a chair) is now super easy.
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Ashley with her Unstoppable bag in combination with a Smartdrive, nice combo. Right now you can get an Unstoppable bag with free USA and EU delivery plus £40 off visit ... See MoreSee Less

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"It looks fantastic and fits the chair like a glove."


"Ready for 'the off', thanks to Phoenix Instinct, after 11 years without the ability to travel independently."


"It was so much easier than my usual battle with a bag on my lap (usually with a handle in my teeth)."


"You can move in any direction, even wheelie - so cool!"

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The Unstoppable Compact is the new carry-on sized bag in the Unstoppable range. The Compact is now available on pre-order only via our Indiegogo page. Click here page

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About Andrew @andrewslorance

Andrew, a wheelchair users since a spinal injury aged 14, understands the daily challenges that require unstoppable and infinite resilience.

An accomplished product designer Andrew’s designs have been exhibited in the London Design Museum, his work designing the Carbon Black wheelchair has been recognised worldwide.

In his most recent work Andrew solves the task of moving luggage and awkward objects independently while pushing a wheelchair.

The Unstoppable gear bag set is the first in a new line of innovative products from Andrew’s development studio aimed at facilitating independence for wheelchair users.

With a background in broadcast, Andrew’s television directing, editing and presenting has been screened internationally.

Andrew can be contacted for private design commissions, speaking and media engagements via our email. Please use the contact form to register your interest in the Unstoppable gear bag set.

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