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Independent disabled travel is easier with the Unstoppable travel bag for wheelchairs.

Most brands of light weight wheelchair are supported inc Quickie, Kuschall, Panthera, Tilite, Oracing, Lasher and other lightweight rigid wheelchairs

Turn 360° on the spot, move backwards, forwards, wheelie and jump all while easily and safely moving your luggage as easily as able bodied travellers.

Even fully loaded the Unstoppable travel & sports bag carries all the weight so your wheelchair won’t tip back.

Great for sport, contact us about team discounts.

Breaking News

Check out the brand new Unstoppable carry-on sized travel bag. It fits folding and rigid wheelchairs and can be pre-ordered on our Kickstarter page a massively reduced introductory price. Offer only available until April 4th. Click on the image to visit Kichstarter.

Brief video about ‘Carry-on’

Click on the image to visit Kickstarter or HERE

Wheelie & Jump Curbs

Anti-Tip Design For Safe Use

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"Just got my Phoenix Instinct unstoppable gear bag .. WOW it's awesome"


"It looks fantastic and fits the chair like a glove."


"Ready for 'the off', thanks to Phoenix Instinct, after 11 years without the ability to travel independently."


"It was so much easier than my usual battle with a bag on my lap (usually with a handle in my teeth)."

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360° Responsive Turning

Premium Quality

Easy To Attach / Detach

The Gear Bag Twin Set

  • Unique Omni Wheels for 360o turning capability
  • Better forward rolling, easier over obstacles
  • Transport your hold and cabin luggage in one unit
  • Padded Robust Construction to protect contents
  • Patent Pending Wheelchair Compatibility
  • Fit with optional foam infill for carrying fragile gear

Optional Foam Infill

When fitted with the optional foam infill Unstoppable becomes a large capacity protective case for your tech.