Twin Set


WAS £330 – £363.

All in One Twinset with connecting backpack, ideal hold and cabin luggage in one. Includes a 59L wheeled bag and 28L backpack that clip together for easy combined transportation or can be used separately.

Dimensions roller bag 32″ x 18″ x 12″ – Weight 13lbs (5.8kg)

Dimensions Backpack 9″ x 13″ x 8″ – Weight 2.4lbs (1.1 kg)

Full details – Download the Phoenix All in One Twinset User Guide

Most wheelchairs with a straight backrest bar (rigidiser) are easy click compatibility with All in One Twinset. However, some wheelchair brands use sizes and shapes of tubing that require an adapter or don’t have a backrest bar. A minimum of 25mm is needed between backrest and backbar. If an aftermarket backrest is used you may not have the min 25mm clearance and require a low clearance adapter sold separately.

To check if you require an adapter please use our downloadable Measuring Tool and follow these instructions Measuring Tools Instructions.

All in One Twinset prices vary as they include different adaptors.

Quick guide to choosing compatibility.

  • If your chair does not have a backrest bar or the bar is not round in shape a universal adapter will be included with your order. These include all folding frames and some rigid frames – Kuschall K, Panthera X, Motion Composites Apex, Aria.
  • Straight bar options connect directly to your backrest bar 23mm and 25mm diameter bars will include a wide fitting. Includes some Quickie / Sopur, Ottobock models.
  • Curved bar (the bar is not straight in the middle) includes some Ti-lite and RGK models. Quickie / Sopur oval tube/rubber grip, Nitrum, Krypton models will include an adapter to fit to the wheelchair.

All in One bags are not compatible with the Phoenix System trolley or bags.

Weight N/A
Choose your backrest bar or seat compatibility

All Brands Curved Bar 19-22mm dia, All Brands Straight Round Tube Bar 19-22mm dia, All Brands Straight Round Tube Bar 25mm dia, Folding Frame/No Back Bar Seat Width 14” and wider, Folding Frame/No Back Bar Seat Width Less Than 14", Kuschall K Seat Width 14" and Wider, Kuschall K Seat Width Less Than 14", Motion Composites Apex Seat Width 14" and wider, Motion Composites Apex Seat Width Less Than 14", Panthera X Seat Width 14" and wider, Panthera X Seat Width less than 14", Quickie / Sopur Nitrum, Quickie / Sopur Rigid Krypton, Quickie Argon, Quickie Helium/Q7 oval tube, SUB4 / Helium / Q7 round tube

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