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Phoenix Pure Wheelchair

We believe a wheelchair should blend to its user with empowering aesthetics that say active, independent, stylish, sophisticated.

Our bodies are free of right angles and straight lines. It makes sense the wheelchairs we use should also take the same curved, fluid form. Inspired by nature’s ergonomics the Pure blends with the shape of the body. The curved carbon fibre frame combines strength and rigidity with beautiful aesthetics.

Enjoy a smooth, quiet ride from the single piece construction paired with shock absorbing caster forks.

The carbon fibre / Kevlar backrest is engineered for flexibility to move with your body while retaining supportive rigidity. The minimal, hugging shape shows more you less wheelchair. The backrest and integral sideguards fold flat for easy transferring.

Phoenix Pure

Packed with innovative features as standard.

  • Single piece carbon fibre construction
  • Wrap around backrest with integral sideguards folds flat.
  • Active braking for controlled hill descent and drift correction on cambered surfaces
  • Shock absorbing caster forks
  • Solid seat plate
  • Carbon fibre footplate with vibration dampening
  • Spinergy XLS wheels
  • 4.4 kg transfer weight

Initially the Phoenix Pure will be available to UK customers followed by other territories that accept the CE mark.

The Pure is hand built at Phoenix Instinct in Scotland and will only be made in limited numbers. By registering now you will have no obligation to purchase but will be at the front of the ordering process with the shortest wait time.

If you are looking for your next wheelchair register here and we will contact you when the Pure goes on sale in spring 2023.

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